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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Peppermint cupcakes

3/4 c butter, room temp
1 1/2 c sugar
3/4 c sour cream 
1 tsp vanilla 
10-12 drops peppermint essenti oil
6 egg whites
2 1/2 c flour
4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 c milk
1/4 c water

Cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.  Add vanilla, sour cream, and peppermint oil. Mix well. Then add egg whites 2 at a time, and mix well. Then add dry ingredients mixing half/half at a time with the milk and water. 

CUPCAKES- put into cup cake pan and bake 350 for about 15-18 min. Makes 24.
CAKE- pour batter into 2 8" pans (well greased) bake at 350 for about 22-24min. 
Cool then frost! 

FROSTING- mix all together until light and fluffy... 4 oz cream cheese, 4 Tbsp room temp butter, 8 drops peppermint Essential oil, 5 cups powdered sugar. If frosting is too thick, I would add a Tbsp hot water. If frosting is too thin, add a little more powdered sugar. 
I love cream cheese frosting, and I'm terrible about measuring the ingredients when I make it!! I just add a little and mix til it looks yummy!! 
Sprinkle with crushed candy canes!! 



helps digestion, calms upset stomach/nausea, energy, brings oxygen to your brain (helps with easing/removing headaches, helps circulation, and it can suppress your appetite!

Dilute with coconut oil and add to a roller bottle, you can rub over your forehead (careful of your eyes!) and this will help ease headaches, help you feel more awake, gives you a boost of energy, even just breathing it in from the roller bottle can help you with a queasy stomach.  Rub on your stomach (add grapefruit EO and lemon EO to suppress your appetite)
Use to freshen breath too...if you put this on the roof of your mouth and BREATHE in deep, it will help you clear your sinuses!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

DIY essential oil blends

DRY SKIN COMBO:  This one I have made two ways.  Same essential oils because the combination worked so well... 
First was in a roller  10drops tea tree, 10 drops lavender, and 10 drops Bergamont, then add fractionated coconut oil to fill the 1 oz. roller.
 Second way was two use the same amount of oils, but I made it so it would be more like a lotion.  So I then melted about 1/4 c beeswax with 1/4 c pure coconut oil, then the tricky part was I didn't want this to harden like my lip balm so I added shea butter lotion.  i'm obviously no expert at this.  It is fun to mix the combos to get the texture you like best.  I just mixed it all by hand until it was smooth.  But I need to get a hand mixer and then it would whip up nice!! 
(if you look in my post regarding my baby Benjamin.  Between the dry skin roller and YL Rose ointment, his birthmark/scars/dry buns are getting so much better!!)

LIP BALM:  5 Tbsp pure coconut oil melted with 3 Tbsp beeswax, then add 12-15 drops of essential oil of your choice.  My son loves chapstick and he chose grapefruit and spearmint.  I was amazed at how well this worked, it really stays on great and there's so many essential oils that help keep your skin/lips healthy.  Lavender would be great too!

Morning pick me up!! 

10 drops Lemon and 10 drops Peppermint
then add fractionated coconut oil.

Peppermint essential oil is an invigorating/energizing oil.  It increases oxygen saturation, you can use preworkout to increase athletic performance, drinking a few drops of peppermint vitality EO in your water helps to increase the capacity in your lungs to carry more oxygen!!  It can also clear your sinuses, freshen breath, helps you to focus, EASES HEADACHES, and even helps to CURB your appetite.  AMAZING OIL!!!  Then add LEMON EO to the combo to help even more with energy, nasal function, detox your body, you can even CLEAN your home with Lemon... add it to your water too!  The essential oils of 75 lemons make up one 15ml  bottle!!  That a lot of amazing lemons!


This great combo is what I came up with for my teenager!  I have him scrub it all over his face, then leave on while he's taking a shower, (getting rid of all the sweat from hours of sports!)  Then he washes it off! 
Combination of Tea Tree 10-15 drops
Frankincense 8 drops
Lavender 10 drops
plus 1/2 cup pure organic coconut melted then add 1/2 cup baking soda.
I keep stirring this off/on as it thickens back up to make sure all the oils are mixed in evenly. 

Hubba Hubba blend

Orange 10 drops and Sensation 10 drops!!  <3 
Fill up the rest of the 2oz spray bottle with coconut oil. You can also use Ylang Ylang with orange!   Spice up your bedroom!! :)

Remember oils take up to 20 minutes to wait and enjoy!

Sports blend

Panaway 20 drops and Lemongrass 20 drops, then add coconut oil.  This helps with muscle pain, bruising, joint soreness, stressed nerves, circulation,and tension. I add lemongrass because it helps with healing tendons.


For the school blend, I wanted my kids to stay healthy, fight off the germs from school and to FOCUS! So Thieves 15drops for the immune support, and Peppermint 15 drops and Orange 15 drops for the help focusing.  Peppermint, like ive already said above, helps with so many things, but it also helps bring oxygen to the brain so it's energizing, orange is mood boosting! If your child is the anxious type, this blend can help school nerves too. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Shakeology Oatmeal balls

                         "Shakeology" Oatmeal Balls

1 big scoop of Peanut butter or Almond butter
1 cup Oatmeal
at least 3 Tbsp honey
1 scoop chocolate or vanilla Shakeology
Sometimes we add dark chocolate chips, chia seeds, raisins, etc.

Then I mix until it forms balls, if it's too dry, add more honey or peanut butter. 

Store in ziplock bag; great frozen too!!

We take this as a snack to all our sporting events.  I have very hungry boys and this helps fill them up with goodness! Great when you're craving a bit of chocolate too!


          Frosting  (made with Shakeology)
ie: if you're going to 'fudge' ;) a little might as well have some of the most amazing vitamin mixture in your frosting!! 

1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
2 Tbsp melted butter
2 cups powdered sugar
3-4 Tbsp Vanilla Almond Milk

add 1-2 tsp hot water if frosting is too thick...  Blend in mixer until smooth, creamy, delicious!! 

Add on top of Betty Crocker Gluten Free brownies and you have a somewhat healthier dessert!!  And your kids won't even know that you just added vitamins to their frosting!  My kids know its there and LOVE it!!

Matthew approves, then ate two more, then his bigger brother came and ate 2...before I stopped them!  Matthews approval is a BIG deal, this kid says he wants to own his own restaurant some day!  :)

                                                    Seriously amazing!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I have so many signs that are not listed in my Etsy shop....adding them here just to give more ideas if you're looking for a sign! 
 I love making custom signs, just send me a message!

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