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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ready for Spring! Pallet flower boxes!

I always love the little snow we get in Boring, OR, but it is mid-March, and I also love doing yard work and gardening!!  It snowed yesterday!  But I am still planning out my garden and the tulips/daffodils are coming up!
Above: Eating snow!!
Below: Better to just eat the snowman's face!

Mid March snow...

Above: Big brother Andrew has a great pitching arm...
Below:  Andrew's "great aim" landed right on Jacob's head...glad it wasn't his face!

Below: Happy Matthew who didn't get hit in the head with a snowball

Below:  Matthew decided to get himself with a snowball...

And after we were done playing in the snow I finished making my pallet shelf and added Summer bulbs below the Spring bulbs so hopefully I'll have a few months of flowers!

More things I made on our snow day!
Below: Using wood from a pallet...made a wall vase!  Holds the jar, with
 water and flowers, sturdy on the wall! 

 Below: Two more pallet shelves... can be used with books/magazines!

Awesome soon as I saw it I knew the look would be perfect for my sister, Heidi! :)


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