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Thursday, May 3, 2012

More pallet wood projects!!

I am still loving taking apart pallets and creating unique, rustic shelves and signs!! 

Be Good....quoted by my dad.  This was my dad's advice every time I left the house while in high school; he actually still tells me this!  I realize that I now say it to my kids too.  As I drop them off school I tell them I love 'em and to Be Good!  It's great and simple advice!

Smaller pallet shelf...  Simplify!  Made with free pallet wood, $1 frame that I mod podged craft paper onto with a picture of my baby stomping in mud puddles, and  a mason jar with flowers!

Above and below: Large pallet shelves...Added rustic charm to Brock and Hannah's wedding reception!!

I wanted a Love sign for my home too!  After making all the wedding ones for Brock and Hannah!  Of course, made with pallets again!


Let us love one another,
for love is of God.
1 John 4:7

Love never fails.

And not made on pallets...

RULES..great for home or teachers classroom!!

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