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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birthday boys

Andrew turned 9 on April 30th

Jacob turned 2 on May 2

Andrew and Jacob have birthdays close together... so the last 2 years we have had a combined big family party for them both together.  I know we can always have the family party combined for both boys, but someday I'm probably going to have to have separate friend parties too...  We lucked out with sunshine the day of our party!  If not, we wouldn't have all been able to squeeze into our home and the kids couldn't have enjoyed the bouncy castle!

We had all 16 cousins, plus 2 married-in cousins, and 2 second-cousins!  So much fun!  Of course, we also had parents, aunt/uncles, grandparents...
No one even got hurt in the bouncy castle or playing their wild games of front yard baseball/kickball!

Playing ball!
Jen Jen and kids - Dawson, Haley, Hunter, and Tanner

My 9-year-old birthday boy, Andrew!
     Birthday boy Jacob - 2!!
Brock helping Jacob build a tower!  This was Jacobs present
and I needed everyone to help put together the 45 "bricks," then
we had 2 Angry birds to knock them over. 

Brian, Cindy, and kids..Sam and Tyler

Jacob and Sam crashing into "brick" towers!

Time for tee-ball! 

Family, family, family...

Newest member...Brooklyn Perry
Our family - Mike, Andrew, Jacob, Holly, and Matthew

Playing Angry birds!!

The boys are all loving to build towers and crash them down!  Nice bed head/fuzzy hair on Jake!

2-year-old Birthday boy!!  And below his many cute faces!!
Already rolls his eyes at us!

That's our crazy, fun family birthday party!!!  So glad we have most of our family living close enough to enjoy these get-togethers!!

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